As an entrepreneur, are you aware that refining your business is essential for achieving success this year, especially during this pandemic? 2021 is the year to work smarter. It is the year to focus on doing as much as possible to make sure your brand is well run and professionally managed. Another reason why you must not joke with tweaking your business as a business owner is because customers have options and any business that is not properly positioned should get ready to be overlooked. So how do you ensure that your business is on the lips of the right customers? Below, I share with you seven ways to tweak your business for success in 2021. These are the secret(s) to having a smashing, thriving, and growing brand this year.


  1. Digitize your Business

     Several SMEs were obliged to move into the digital space in 2020; many more will convert in 2021. Pivoting online is an essential concept. Consumers are going online to shop, research, and make other purchasing decisions. Ensure all of your business platforms are enhanced for the best experience on social media (be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and another amazing one, Telegram, to mention but a few).  Take clear and beautiful pictures of your brand to visually appeal to your current and prospective customers.  Ensure messages sent to you are acknowledged in time and courteously. 


  1. Reviews! Reviews!!

    Previously, SMEs could rely on a product/service to sell themselves, but with the rise in user reviews swaying purchasing choices, it is much harder to do so. Consumers feel more comfortable purchasing products/services that another individual has bought and tried. A lot of people would check reviews of items online before reaching out to the seller. Do encourage your customers to provide reviews; this would do a lot of wonders for your brand.


  1. Sincerity/Transparency

    Always be as honest and transparent as possible with your consumers. They have a right to know all the necessary information required for a product/service. Be it terms and conditions or some underlying defects.  By doing so, you will strengthen your relationship with them and possibly turn them into loyal customers, thereby converting them to brand ambassadors. Many consumers factor these things into their purchasing decisions. As Confucius said, “Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first principles.”


  1. Empathy

     Following 2020’s uncertainty, people are looking beyond the quality of products/services. Instead, they are focusing on compassion and empathy. If your brand lacks empathy, vision, and purpose, chances are they will pivot to other businesses. To build trust with clients and create brand loyalty, you have to connect with their minds and hearts. You can create a community they can grow in by addressing their needs and fears. Be sure to use a more compassionate voice in all stages of communication. From one that is centered on two people waiting to say what they want, to one person listening with the intent to understand. As well as the person who is being heard, FEELING heard. And all of us want to be heard and to be understood. 


  1. Increase your Customer Base

    Look at what you can do to increase your client base as much as possible. These could be via Google/Instagram/Facebook ads. You could also try Loyalty programs and discounted offers. Also, ensure that your brand and its content suit a modern audience. These would take things to the next level when trying to improve your business this year.


  1. Save! Save!! Save!!!

   Another indispensable strategy is saving (no matter how little). Focus on what you can do to decrease your expenses. Doing as much as possible to save money would help your business get better and stronger. A little drop makes a mighty ocean. 

“Look everywhere you can to cut a little bit from your expenses. It will all add up to a meaningful sum.”

– Suze Orman


  1. Acquire Knowledge.

  “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Ronald E. Osborn.

The differences between successful and unsuccessful people have always been a crucial subject in entrepreneurship. One of the many differences is related to a lifelong passion for learning and personal improvement, gaining new knowledge, and mastering new skills. Successful people believe that learning is a lifelong process,  and they often find time for learning. Acquire more knowledge and apply them to your life and business.  


    While we envisage a great 2021 for our lives and businesses, following the above strategies will ensure a higher probability of reaching our goals. Let us endeavor to do right, one step at a time, and shatter the glass ceilings. Your vision is your foundation, compass, and bulb, lighting the way forward. Let us keep our foresight. Eat and rest because you will likely burn out if you sacrifice your physical and mental health on the altar of your business. Do take care of yourself, wear a mask and stay safe.



Author: Seun Fagite

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