4 Student Entrepreneurs Emerge Beneficiaries of the 2022 ‘Biodun and Ibikunle Foundation Campus Kit Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

LAGOS, Nigeria, June 4, 2022 – ‘Biodun and Ibikunle Foundation has announced four student entrepreneurs as beneficiaries of its 2022 Campus Kit Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Incubation Program (UEIP). The four beneficiaries are Machoice Integrated Services Limited; the winner who won a 500,000 Naira grant prize, Orgenic Fast Food Tombrown; first runner-up who won a 300,000 naira […]

How to Build a Stable Client Base

It is much easier and less costly to keep an existing customer than to find a new one.  New prospects must be convinced that you’re good at what you do, and that you’re interested in keeping them happy once they decide to do business with you.  On the other hand, your existing customers may already […]

4 Tips for Resolving Customer Complaints

If you are an entrepreneur you will agree that you occasionally have to deal with unsatisfied customers, which can be very tasking. Interestingly, if we know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it, we might transform the situation, thereby ending up having a better relationship with our customers. ‘Customer is King’. Is […]

Direction for Businesses in 2021

A lot has changed in the business world since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently some countries are already on the second phase of another lockdown. Are you ready to move with the current trend or are you still stuck with ‘as it was in the beginning so shall it be’ mentality when it […]

Reputation Management for SMEs

People trust a business more when recommended by someone, hence word of mouth marketing has been in existence and is still very essential. The penetration of the internet has made word of mouth marketing to evolve which has opened two-way communication. Today customers have a voice and the power to make or break a brand […]

7 Ways to Tweak Your Business for Success in 2021

As an entrepreneur, are you aware that refining your business is essential for achieving success this year, especially during this pandemic? 2021 is the year to work smarter. It is the year to focus on doing as much as possible to make sure your brand is well run and professionally managed. Another reason why you […]

70 Children Now Have Clean Water Supply in Ajah

Prior to December 2020, the children living at the Arrows of God Orphanage, Ajah, Lagos, had no choice than to use the brown water that flowed from their taps. This was in direct contradiction to the United Nation’s SDG 6 which is aimed towards providing “clean water and sanitation”. Struggling with thinly stretched resources to […]