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Schook Kit Program

Statistics reveal that 40 per cent of primary school teachers in Nigeria are unqualified to teach. Same way we have 10.5 million children, representing 14 percent of 70 million Nigerian children, that are out of school globally.

It is of great concern to note that children below 15 years make up 44 percent of Nigeria’s rising population. While the recommended teacher-pupil ratio is 1:35, there is an average of 49 pupil per primary school teacher in Nigeria. In one of the public schools in Lagos, it is one teacher to 80 students in a class.

According to UNICEF, over 58.3 per cent of pupils in Nigerian schools are not learning effectively, while 50 percent of grade six pupils cannot read at all.

UNICEF also notes that the “net enrolment rate at primary school level is 56 per cent for girls and 61 per cent for boys.” 20 million of 22 million Nigerian children aged 0-5 years do not have access to early childhood education. Apparently attracted by this downward trend, many private sector organizations and multinationals have over the years, contributed their quota to the development of the Nigerian education sector.

In their quest to see a positive change in the sector, many of them have established Foundations to cushion the effect of this downward trend. Also some non-governmental organisations and faith-based institutions had at one time or the other initiated some schemes to boost standard of education in Nigeria.

With the School Kit program by ‘BiodunandIbikunle Foundation, we aim to contribute our quota to combating some of the ills that ail the Nigerian education sector. Our strategy is to adopt a school per session, where we will provide the basic amenities needed to make learning an enjoyable experience for students and pupils alike.

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